5 thoughts on “Curtiss P40-B Warhawk #47

  1. I knew Johnnie’s family very well having visited them many times with my wife up until their death.

    Joe Fusco Edison, N.J.

  2. Johnnie Petach was assigned aircraft #47 originally. In March when P40E’s arrived, the Navy pilots w/divebomber skills, like Johnnie Petach & Tex Hill, were assigned to the newer E models which could carry bombs. The Army pilots w/no divebombing skills were assigned to the older P40B-C’s. RT Smith was from the Hells Angels Squadron & his original C model was #77. The #47 was originally with the Panda Bears and a blue tail stripe. After that, it went to the Third Squadron, Hells Angels and had a red tail stripe. The original Panda Bear Squadron with blue tail stripe, aircraft #34 – #67 were all Second Squadron airplanes. RTSmith “learned he’d never fly old 77 again. It had gone to Magwe along w/the rest of the planes & pilots of the 3rd Squadron. A few 1st Squadron pilots & planes remaind there; Dick Rossi cracked up ‘my’ plane on takeoff…”” He was unhurt, but I’ve never quite forgiven him” RTSmith, 3/26/42.

    • Dan,
      Thanks for the information.
      I do beleve that Johnny’ new p-40 E model was number 106.

      How are you related to the Petachs–are you related to Alex petach?

      My wife and I very very close friends with Johnnys Mother Julia and her daughter Mary for many years.

      They were very special people.
      We met them at an event with members of the A.V.G.

      Joseph L. Fusco
      Edison, N.J.

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